Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This section will discuss the list of queries that our users mostly ask from our services. Since most of you are unfamiliar with how the site operates, we listed questions to familiarize yourself with our site’s assistance capacity. This segment will also serve as a guide to new users who want to explore the benefits of Gmailnator.
It could be possible that the system is currently encountering issues. The website’s host usually examines this case to check its problems immediately. The website moderators must be able to give quick inquiries to the website host to fix its function. If you ever encounter this problem, directly contact the website moderator to follow up on this issue to the website host. gmailnator
There are social networking sites and service providers that will block your access and lock your account if you used a temporary Gmail address. However, Gmailnator secures your access to all services since it establishes on a Google Domain. Google email service is the most versatile webmail provider and highly notable in all web developers. Therefore, there is no need to worry because all website services will not block the Gmail addresses generated in Gmailnator.
Yes, all of the Gmail addresses created are now carried by the site’s system and distributed to other users. Since the public uses all of the Gmail addresses, the customized Gmail address should not contain a real name identity.

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Gmailnator stores your messages for only 24 hours and has 7 days backup of all email messages. Please contact us if you want to restore your email.

Unfortunately, Gmailnator only provides Google email domains to keep a convenient service to our users. We do not generate other email domains since Gmail addresses are the highly used email domain by most online sites.
Regrettably, we do not also contain that information. The system shuffles all of the generated Gmail addresses every time the user produces a new bulk set. Therefore, we do highly instruct users to follow instructions of keeping a copy of their generated Gmail addresses.